Best rolling paper: Finding the best blunt wraps

Tips on Using Blunt and Rolling Paper

Using a blunt or rolling paper may not be as iconic as using standard joints, but the cultural significance that comes with them can hardly be ignored. Many prefer the additional buzz created by the blended mix of cannabis and its pleasant tobacco wrap. Others appreciate the wide variety of flavors in most blunt wraps and cigarillos. Rolling comes with its set of norms to maintain tradition and function. I have revealed the fancy tips that will help you with blunt rolling with the best blunt wrap.

At first, you need to ensure that your tobacco or cannabis is broken down into shake using a grinder or your hands. This will help maintain an even burn when it is lit. The particles should also not be too small lest your blunt burns too quickly to enjoy. Once done, pick up the best rolling paper which now gives you to options. You may stack fill it without cutting it open or split it lengthwise then lay the smoky contents from the middle. I prefer the latter as it allows me to fill the wrap entirely ensuring it won’t bend. Smaller wraps are better off with stacking.

The next thing you need to do is eliminate the wrinkles that may have appeared. The skill to do this is a bit through but two or so times you should be able to get the skill. Slightly moist the wrap with your breath and gently use your fingers to smoothen out the wrinkles. Be very gentle with it. You will then need to dry bake it by passing a flame over it to encourage it to seal together and burn evenly. Enjoy!

The key to this smoky recipe is getting the best ingredients and more importantly using the best rolling paper. I have used quite a few and found some very ideal. See some of them below.

Raw Unrefined Classic 1.25 1 1/4 Size Cigarette Rolling Papers, 4 Packs

Raw is among the most well-known brands in the rolling and blunt wrapping paper game. After being around for two decades,they have become kings of rolling papers.

Many rolling papers are either too fragile, too thin or too sticky but not the Raw Unrefined classic. This paper has a little give when you are learning to roll which makes for a much easier time.Practicing with these awesome classic Raw papers gets you in the groove within no time. A four-pack of rolling papers is without a doubt the way to go. The fact that their price is so fair makes them even more ideal for use. Once you establish your rolling skills, these are bound to be your favorite.

They are better for the overall health of the lungs and are additive-free. This product from Raw Organics is 100% natural as well as 100% vegan. The translucent rolling paper is ultra-thin a feature that comes handy for very well ground tobacco. On top of that, the paper is just the right size with dimensions being 75mm x 44 mm. They are among the best blunt wraps and there is nothing not to love about them really. Sticking the paper together after rolling is pretty easy as the paper comes with its natural gum. Amazingly and amusingly, it does not stick on the hands during rolling.

Juicy Jay Flavored Variety Rolling Papers.

Smoking blunts is much fun, regardless of what blunt wraps or rolling papers you use. But there’s just that something extra and magical about a nice delicious blueberry flavor intertwining and mixing with the dank of a Haze or Kush.

When you are given the ability to essentially blend you bud with a flavor and trust me on this, the smoking possibilities are limitless. Thinking about cherry pie? Spark up a cherry-flavored joint. Craving apple? Make it happen too!

Juicy Jays are much well-known for their pop of flavor. Not even considering that the blend they create with the cannabis or tobacco is unimaginable. Single packs are relatively pricey in the store which is the reason why this six-pack is the deal to contend with. I prefer to look at it this way; I’ve saved a few bucks but am also expanding my smoking repertoire by having six separate flavors to use. Flavors range from maple syrup all the way to classic fruit blends such as strawberry kiwi.

The insanely flavorful papers are very sturdy which makes them easy to roll to super smooth hits. As a matter of fact, they ensure maximum flavor infusion by dipping the papers in flavors. My mouth thanked me for this one. My homies thanked me. My wallet thanked me. I even thanked me!

Elements 300 Ultra-thin 300 Rice Rolling paper

When it comes to the best blunt wraps, the thinner the paper is, the more the skill that is required. Reducing the thickness of the paper increases the risk of the rolling paper creasing and crinkling on the hands. Quite logically, you will definitely want to possess decent skills under the belt before buying any ultra-thin rolling paper.

If you are way below that point as of yet, don’t fret. Practice makes perfect as I said earlier especially when you are rolling with the Elements 300 Ultra-thin 300 Rice Rolling paper. These Elements papers are really awesome and many customers have sworn that this is the only paper that they smoke. Each amazing pack comes with a generous 300 leaves.

These regular-sized papers clock in at 1.25’’ which helps them accommodate just enough puffs for that high you crave. They produce a very unique taste when burning the sugar gum as the criss-cross design of caramel as the main element exposes out. Because of their thinner papers, each joint produces less ash making you experience the true taste of bud with no distraction of a thick paper or a butane lighter. With a cleaner and smoother taste, you will wonder as to why you didn’t switch to Elements sooner. Amazing price for quantity and quality you receive.Chemical free.Chlorine-free.

Raw Classic Natural Hemp Rolling Paper Cones

This is one of the best rolling papers great for veterans and newbies alike. Ok, ok, am aware that Raw is already rolling well on the list but their products are so fantastic that they are bound to feature more than once. Only that this time they are in the form of triple attractive six in a pack pre-rolled cones for a total of eighteen mighty rolls.

Every seasoned stoner well understands that the job of physically rolling a blunt may well be downright tedious. So, what better means to roll up, than with a solid rolled cone for weed? Cones are super simple to use. Simply grind the bud and easily pack it through the top of your cone. Just that!

Instead of manually rolling a blunt and taking much time to use the rolling paper, you just push the bud down the cone then twist it off-literally. You couldn’t ask for a simpler experience with your smoking. You won’t need to worry about rolling those monster-sized jays as this set measures 1.25’’ with an installed tip. Normal size for joint papers.Super easy and quick to roll with the rolls hitting very smoothly.They are awesome in themselves and the quality at that price is just amazing.

Raw Classic King Size Slim Rolling Paper 5 Packs

Ah, Raw again! This brand is guilty of manufacturing only the best blunt wraps and the best rolling papers. The highest quality papers. While they have a wide array of rolling papers available, their fantastic King Size line takes a piece of the cake. Natural ingredients like Hemp natural gum in is natural state cannot overshadow that these kingsize slim puppies are additive free and 100% vegan and natural. A personal top pick. In this case, I saved the best for last.

These classic papers are pretty massive measuring 100mm x 44mm which is somehow of good news as you can handle it in three ways:

  • Cut the papers too much smaller sizes. This is definitely a good idea when you are with your friends.
  • Roll a large jay then save it for later. You can always come back for more.
  • Roll a very massive jay and smoke it out. One for the pros without a doubt.

Ultimately, you are the one to make a choice of how you prefer to do it. The classic kingsize is an ultra-thin translucent rolling paper that comes in 5 Packs each 32 Leaves per pack to a grand total of 160 leaves. The product is all natural and additive free. A top pick for sure.

In a Nutshell

The most comprehensive list and collection of skins, rolling papers, blunt cones, rips, and filter tips are available online but they can be overwhelming if you don’t know which one to pick. Using these brands closely has given me a feel of what they are like and I felt obliged to share. Going through those detailed reviews will give you some pointers of the direction in which to glance for the best smoking experience you could hope for.